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With a majority of their customers on the preventive health plan subscription VetPlan, Overgade Dyreklinik in Denmark is something spectacular. What is their secret to achieve this engagement from their customers, and the commitment from the team?
"VetPlan is part of our DNA! All of us here are fully convinced VetPlan is a great deal for all involved – the animals get better health and live longer thanks to regular check-ups and early detection, the pet owners get the services at a discount with more predictability, and we, the clinic, get increased loyalty and a stronger relationship with our customers" says Therese Astono, Veterinary nurse and Partner at family-owned Overgade Dyreklinik in Odense on the island of Fyn in Denmark. On the photo above she's seen together with her father Tune, also her co-owner of the clinic. 


Started off to create better customer discussions

Overgade Dyreklinik started their VetPlan journey in 2016 to strengthen their customer offer and treat all customers equal. It allows a more structured way to communicate services and prices to pet owners where monthly payments allow clients to budget for care over the year, rather than paying in one lump sum. With it, all pet owners are offered the same deal, taking some pressure off the staff who previously often ended up in price discussions with customers. Therese explains; “Instead of having a discussion about the price of a specific service, we now have a way to recommend preventive care at a predetermined and affordable price, we reduce the risk of illness and unplanned costs, and we include discounts on related products such as pet nutrition. It’s just more fun for everyone.”


Including VetPlan in every customer interaction

To get pet owners onboard was more of a struggle in the beginning when the team at Overgade were new to VetPlan. But now they say it feels like a natural part of how they continuously communicate with pet owners. The clinic have also leveraged consistent communication of the benefits of VetPlan  in all pet owner interaction – when booking, during examination, payment, posters in the waiting area, posts on social media and in newsletter. “Our social media communication is a very important part of our success. We have created videos, interviews and examples which generate lots of engagement from pet owners” says Therese.


Benefit of consistent revenue

One of the benefits to the clinic that they did not expect from the start was the value of having a consistent revenue in times of crisis. Something that is more relevant now than ever. “At first we felt we primarily lost money since we gave the pet owners such great discounts. But now during the covid restrictions we have really valued the VetPlan revenues, even if we didn’t have customers coming in for vaccinations during the lockdown we knew we would have revenues to pay for our fixed expenses” says Therese.


Time to celebrate with the team

During the winter and spring VetFamily ran a European competition to inspire and motivate member clinics to focus on VetPlan. Overgade Dyreklinik achieved tremendous results in the share of new signups and were crowned winner. First price was sponsoring of a clinic event, so what will Therese and her colleagues do with their win? “My whole idea of this workplace it to create a team where people want to stay, where everyone feels part of the family. So we will celebrate with the whole team, doing a team building activity at a safari lodge to learn more about animal protection and care, and have a fun dinner together. This will be the first time ever in our clinic’s history that we close for a day, but it is important to support and develop the team. We are so happy that we won, it has been a long road but a strategic ambition we all feel committed to.”

Therese’s Top 3 to succeed with VetPlan
  1. Engage the whole team. We have regular honest and open discussions about the benefits of health plans, for all stakeholders. All employees have goals on how to grow VetPlan to make sure everyone is committed. And we celebrate all successes together as a team.
  2. Keep the plans super simple. It must be very easy to get an overview of the content and benefits of the plans – for pet owners to make the decision directly and not have to go home and think about it, but also for employees to easily explain and understand how it is a good deal for the pet owner.
  3. Leverage your social media channels. Inform and educate pet owners about the benefits of preventive care, and the value of a subscription-based model to take care of their pet. By being personal and including the pets who visit us we create great engagement.

Overgades Animal Clinic was started by veterinarian Tune in 1994. Today the clinic is family-owned by Tune and his daughter, veterinary nurse Therese, who became a partner in 2016. A unique constellation in Denmark.

If you are interested to learn more about how VetPlan could benefit you and your clinic, get in touch with us at