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A unique membership that supports clinics.

A membership with many benefits

We help clinics of all sizes in an ever faster changing business environment. We work with the clinic to identify how they can develop their business operations, achieve cost savings and drive meaningful change to allow them to focus on what matters most, the animals. For our members we provide;

  • Negotiated prices from leading suppliers
  • Value added services to help improve the performance of the clinic
  • Access to the latest industry trends and education
  • Support from Europe’s largest animal care community of clinics and partners
  • Help with time-consuming administrative tasks

Examples of services that we offer to our members



As a member you are not alone in the challenges of running a clinic. Within the VetFamily member community we have a wealth of experience. Through our physical meetings and digital channels we learn from each other and have fun together.


VetBusiness help our members improve competitiveness and operations as well as we solve clinic owners' pressing needs. Our continuously evolving toolbox is offered to members and includes both digital and physical services that are easy to implement, use and grow with.



We negotiate agreements with suppliers based on the products and services that our members need to stay competitive and best in class. By constantly monitoring changing buying patterns and innovation in the market we identify new ways to enhance agreements and performance. We continuously negotiate with our partners to provide our members with even better pricing and contract terms.

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A package of preventive care services aimed at keeping animals healthy and reducing the risks of serious health problems. The plans are tailored in line with clinic and patient needs, and we include full support to get the clinics started. VetPlan strengthens pet health, as well as owner loyalty and satisfaction.

Member portal

The VetFamily Member Portal is a way for our members to stay updated and offer easy ways to interact with each other. As a member, you can access insightful and actionable content, savings analysis, benchmarks, training modules, webinars and stay tuned to upcoming events.


Digital solutions

We are investing to support our members' digital ambition and transformation, and are already offering many digital solutions. From a website to online appointment booking to social media presence, we offer tools and complementing tailor-made training to support and develop the members’ digital business.

Sustainability program

We support our members with assessing their clinics from a sustainability perspective, giving them easy to use tools. Together we convert a challenge to an opportunity where our members get a unique selling point towards pet parents and employees.

Visit our country sites to learn more about the specific offering in each country.
Pictures from member events

One of the main benefits of joining the VetFamily network is to meet other members and partners. We regularly create events for our members and partners to meet on an international and local level. The purpose and size of events vary, but they are perfect opportunities to learn from each other while having a great time.

Cardiology workshop

VetFamily Day, Netherlands

Clinic development session

VetFamily member trip, Denmark


Member fair and mingle

VetFamily Day, Norway