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About VetFamily

Our vision is to be the natural partner for veterinary clinics
and suppliers.

Our story - stronger together!

VetFamily was started in Denmark in 2000 by a group of independent veterinary clinics who were convinced that sharing resources and working together would create opportunities for better veterinary care.


Today, over 4500 clinics in eleven countries are members and VetFamily continue to grow as clinics discover VetFamily's member benefits, e.g. better purchasing terms, support in clinic growth and development, and community. In summary a healthier clinic and better work-life balance.

Our mission is to help veterinary clinics, allowing them to focus most on what they do best, improving animal health! Our community allows all clinics to benefit from new solutions and joint purchasing conditions. Learn more about what we do and why we do it.

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The VetFamily team live our values


Decisions that are taken every day, should be taken by the ones closest to the action. Our decentralised way of working involves a lot of freedom and trust but also accountability. 


Building and strengthening our VetFamily community is core of what we do. Therefore we always go the extra mile to provide a great experience for all our members and partners.  


We believe 1 + 1 = 3, if we work together. 

Keep it simple

We dare to do things differently, but we don't need to reinvent the wheel every time -  we learn from each other to make the wheel roll faster. Striving for simplicity in everything we do, make us easy to work with.


We have created a community built on strong local relations with the clinics and collaborations with partners. By respecting each other, we always find a good way forward. 

Meet the team

Over 140 employees with 16 different nationalities currently work at VetFamily. We are a decentralized organization where most operational decisions are taken locally in each country but where we leverage the skills and experiences of all employees to support and strengthen our member clinics and develop the industry.  Our head office is located in Stockholm and focus mainly on new digital services, procurement and support functions. 

Ali Tajbakhsh

Alireza Tajbakhsh

Group CEO


Henrik Björkman


Corey Vella - VF

Corey Vella

Country Manager Australia

Nis Peter Lorentzen

Country Manager China

Tomas Rosival

Regional Manager Emerging Markets

Sebastian Hommen

Country Manager Germany

Morten Aas

Country Manager Norway

Porträttbild kvinna

Karin Ronander

Country Manager Sweden

Marcus Domaij

Marcus Domeij

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Olivier Brotons


Photo of Henry Berger

Henry Berger

Country Manager Brazil

Annette Bernth

Country Manager Denmark

Xavier Rosso

Country Manager France

Ivo Dubbers

Country Manager Netherlands

Christian Battazza

Country Manager Spain

John W

John Wagoner

Country Manager USA

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Join the VetFamily team

We are always looking to add new members to our team. As the needs of our network grow, we are constantly adapting and adding new positions to help meet these needs more efficiently.

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