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Staff at Three Little Pigs Clinic

Belgium's veterinary landscape is in a rapid transformation with increased expectations from pet owners, intensified competition, and new legislation. And in less than a year, VetFamily has attracted over 200 member clinics, making a significant impact on the veterinary sector. We delve into this great journey through the perspectives of Barbara Vonckx, Operations Manager for VetFamily in Belgium, Nikki Vandermeulen, owner of The 3 Little Pigs Veterinary Clinic (seen together with part of her team on the above photo), and Ivo Dubbers, Head of international expansion at VetFamily.

VetFamily's Recipe for Success

Barbara is enthusiastic when she talks about the team at VetFamily and the factors driving VetFamily's achievements in Belgium, "our success in Belgium can be attributed to several key factors. We are an established organization with a proven track record across several countries, we have solid partnerships with key suppliers, and with our community we have unparalleled expertise in the field. Our arrival in the Belgian market came at a crucial moment when independent vet clinics were seeking a trustworthy partner to stand alongside corporate giants."

Emphasizing what sets VetFamily apart, Barbara says, "it's our extensive experience and trustworthiness that differentiates us. VetFamily isn't just another organization, it's a community built on a strong foundation of expertise and reliability, and that we always put the independent vet clinic first."

Today there are three key pillars of services and benefits that we offer to our member clinics in Belgium;

  • VetCommunity: VetFamily’s events, including the Member Day, where members can engage in high-quality, continued education led by specialists and experts.
  • VetBuy: VetFamily’s negotiated agreements with suppliers that provide members with improved terms and discounts for products and services.
  • VetPlan: VetFamily’s preventive care package VetPlan is designed to maintain the health of animals and reduce the risks of serious health issues. These plans are customized according to the clinic's and patients' needs, with comprehensive support provided from VetFamily for a successful launch.

On a personal note Barbara summed up the journey, "building VetFamily Belgium together with the team has been a great experience, and it will be fantastic to see where this continues to grow and develop in the future. We’ve started something amazing!"

A dedicated vet’s perspective

Nikki Vandermeulen, the owner of The 3 Little Pigs veterinary clinic, provides a member's perspective on VetFamily. Her clinic, with a team of six veterinarians and three nurses, specializes in caring for dogs, cats, and rodents. Nikki says "our aim is to be a great first-line clinic, and we emphasize continued education as a cornerstone of our approach."

When asked about her decision to join VetFamily, Nikki's response is straightforward: "WHY NOT? Nothing to lose!" She highlights the myriad benefits and unwavering support offered by VetFamily, such as education, a wide range of events both small and large, and the potential of VetPlan for the future. Nikki notes that being a part of VetFamily provides her clinic with a significant financial advantage without difficult efforts, allowing them to reinvest in the clinic and offer delightful perks to customers and to the clinic team.

Looking forward, Nikki is happy with the current state of VetFamily in Belgium. She hopes for "more Member Days like the ones they've already enjoyed" but has no additional expectations because VetFamily has already delivered so much. She emphasizes the unique atmosphere of VetFamily events, where independent veterinary clinics come together as a tight-knit and supportive community, setting it apart from other corporate-affiliated gatherings.


Ivo summarizes the achievement and path forward well, “VetFamily's journey in Belgium is a testament to the power of community, trust, and expertise in the veterinary industry. Each country is different, but they also share many of the challenges and opportunities. For us, it’s all about how we can support and inspire our community. I’m happy with this successful market entry, bringing our community to the 11th country globally. As we continue to grow and evolve, we promise to be a cornerstone of support for independent veterinary clinics across the country, shaping the future of veterinary care in Belgium.”

Photo of Nikki

"I like being part of a group but without the pressure"

Nikki Vandermeulen                       

Photo from the member meeting in Belgium

Photo from one of the seminars at the Member Day

Mingle at Member Day Belgium

There was also plenty of time to network with other professionals from independent vet clinics, and together with key suppliers. 

Person holding a cat in its arms

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