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VetFamily France has launched the service VetEco-Program, aimed at supporting independent veterinary clinics in their journey toward a more environmentally responsible approach. Sustainable development is a key concern for many businesses today, and veterinary clinics are no exception. With growing concerns about the environment, veterinary clinics need to adopt sustainable practices that minimize their impact on the environment while still providing high-quality care to their patients.

Elise Le Cun from the clinic “Les chats du Lubéron” says, "The Vet Eco-Program gave us the motivation and the strength to implement simple, yet impactful solutions in our clinic related to energy, eco products, recycling, and donations. Our clinic seems to be more attractive to the younger generation, who are increasingly conscious of environmental issues."

The VetEco-Program is designed to help clinics reduce their carbon footprint, limit pollution, protect biodiversity and animal welfare, and purchase eco-friendly products and services.

We believe that the first step towards achieving these objectives is to help clinics reduce their carbon footprint. One effective method is to switch to an eco-responsible energy supplier, which can decrease CO2 emissions by 60 to 80% and save energy costs. Our team provides hands-on support throughout the process, ensuring that clinics can achieve this objective with ease.

Another crucial aspect of the VetEco-Program is reducing pollution. We start by collecting and recycling medical plastic waste. VetFamily offers clinics an easy-to-set-up collection and recycling system that is expected to recycle 90% of plastic waste, excluding infectious waste. 

Additionally, we aim to raise awareness among clinic customers about the importance of biodiversity and animal welfare. Our micro-donation program allows clinics to support meaningful projects related to reforestation or animal welfare that align with their commitments. This turnkey device not only provides an opportunity to increase customer engagement but also creates a positive impact on the environment.

We continuously support clinics in adopting eco-friendly products and services. Our team works tirelessly to negotiate agreements with suppliers based on the needs of our members to remain competitive and best in class. Sustainability is a key criterion when selecting partners, ensuring we only partner with companies that share our environmental commitment. In the VetEco-Program we leverage this to guide and support clinics in their purchasing choices.

Xavier Rosso, Country Manager of VetFamily France, says "We are proud to have the VetEco-Program, which not only supports the battle for a better environment but also helps independent vet clinics remain competitive and attractive to both pet parents and new team members. This program is a win-win for both the environment and the clinics, and we are excited to see the positive impact it will have. If you want to be part of this, get in touch!"


• A series of training webinars
• Concrete communication tools available on the member portal
• Hands-on VetFamily assistance in line with set ambitions
• Support from peers in a WhatsApp group

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If you want to know more about the VetEco-Program, or VetFamily’s continuous work on sustainability, please contact us at!