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To all the nominees of the VetFamily Awards 2022 – thank you for your dedication and achievements for VetFamily and our community! Being part of our journey supporting independent veterinarians around the world is exciting and requires hard work and dedication, and we are very proud to have you as part of our team. Each of you are a fantastic and valuable contributor to our journey.  

The winners in each category were acknowledged and celebrated at the VetFamily Global Conference earlier this week in Sweden.

Rookie of the yearSofia Gu – She has quickly become a highly valued and appreciated colleague for her kindness, dedication to the task, and for delivering excellence in any engagement.

Salesperson of the yearRichard Baeke – Through entrepreneurship and salesmanship he has delivered growth and recurring revenues in a highly competitive market by providing excellent service to our members.

Achievement of the yearBettina Bertelsen – With endless drive and dedication, energy and joy are brought to our members. Sales results, KPIs and members say one thing - this person is crushing it!

Innovator of the yearRobert Leverkus – This person has through engagement, innovation and strong execution disrupted the market by deliver what many said was impossible.

Collaborator of the year: Liz Ogden – Working with the speed of light, helping both members, our team and partners, this spider in the web is truly living our core value “Collaborative”.

Leader of the yearAnja Egede Mikkelsen – A natural born leader with gift to inspire and speak right into people’s hearts. She has a clear value compass in combination with the will and curiosity to try new ways and drive change.

Employee of the yearLaurie Leydet – A highly valued team member that through business development and sales skill constantly works to find new opportunities and solution to accelerate growth and excitement.


On the photo above from left: Richard, Bettina, Liz, Laurie, Sofia, Anja and Robert. 

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