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Participants at training

VetFamily Sweden recently organized a training day for member clinics on the theme "Creating truly successful operations in practice". Vets and other employees from over 40 clinics participated in the training that was conducted by Magnus Lord. The participants learned about how to work as a team to create a self-improving business, as well as how to analyze and improve the flow in daily operations. Daily governance and continuous improvement, meeting structures, visualization, and change management were also topics covered during the day.

Karin Ronander, Country Manager for VetFamily in Sweden, says “Our mission is to help veterinary clinics improve today and be ready for tomorrow, that means supporting and guiding clinics of all sizes in an ever faster changing business environment. Most vet professionals are in this industry to improve animal health, and in order to be able to help even more animals it is important to work closely as a team, to stay motivated, and together continuously improve our day-to-day workflows. Running a successful clinic, whichever your specific definition of successful is, is teamwork. That is why we are running this, and similar, pieces of training.

One of the participants, Mathilda Edberg from Knivsta Veterinary Clinic, summed up the day as very inspiring, giving her a new perspective on her role as a leader. She realized that it is the employees who should develop the business, not only herself, and that her function as a leader is to support and coach the employees in this. Mathilda also took away that process development is about the patient's journey through the processes, which can be easy to forget when you’re in the middle of it. She is convinced that by mapping their processes, they would find small improvements that make the flow better for both patients and staff. Mathilda says “I think it was very good that Magnus pointed out that we shouldn't go back to work and immediately start putting up a lot of process diagrams and improvement boards everywhere. Before we do that, we first have to get the employees to understand why we're doing it and what it will achieve. Because it's through the employees that development really happens. Otherwise it will just be a poster on the wall that the manager put up after some training.

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Magnus Lord sharing insights and ways of working during the training day.


Magnus Lord has many years of experience working in the business world with management and business development. He is a graduate engineer, an economist and a doctor who has worked in the field of health care. In recent years, he has collaborated with, analyzed and sought to understand the most forward-looking and successful healthcare organizations in Sweden and the world. This with the aim of training managers and employees in how to create truly successful operations together.

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