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At VetFamily, we are proud of our team members and their passion for improving the lives of independent veterinary clinics. In this employee spotlight, we're excited to introduce you to Mauri Ronan Moreira, our Commercial Operations Director at VetFamily Brazil.

What does working in the veterinary industry mean to you?
I am a veterinarian by background. Just after graduation, I decided to build a career in the vet industry, working for many companies in animal health and nutrition. Working in this industry has provided me recognition from my peers, colleagues, and stakeholders. It has given me challenges and opportunities to build my skills and behaviors. All that I am professionally wise, also helping me be a better person with my friends and family, I owe to the vet industry.

How do you in your role make life better for an independent vet clinic?
VetFamily is the first and sole company that has a vision and purpose to help independent vet clinics achieve their goals. For me, it's a unique opportunity to give vets back what I achieved professionally in my career.

What do you like to do when you are not working?
I love spending time with my family and dogs. I also enjoy travelling, practicing Aikido, riding my bicycle, reading, meditating, and cooking.

What future developments are you excited about at VetFamily specifically and the vet industry in general?
VetFamily will be a turning point for the Brazilian vet industry. We will be the preferred partner for vets who wish to become a better veterinarian as an entrepreneur. We will help this industry grow and become one of the top three industries in the world in the next few years. VetFamily is ready to be the perfect value provider to vet clinicians of Brazil. This is really exciting.

What is really cool about the vet industry in Brazil?
This industry has been growing by double digits since I graduated back in 1989. We are already the top three dog and cat markets in the world, and we keep growing. There are so many things to do to turn this market into the best and first in the world, or maybe just behind the US, and we will do it. Premiumization is now a big trend here, with vets adopting high-end technology into their services to pet owners. It's great to live and help this industry be even better.

We're thrilled to have Mauri on our team at VetFamily, and we're excited about the future developments in the veterinary industry in Brazil. Thank you, Mauri, for sharing your insights and passion with us!

VF team in BRazil

The team in VetFamily Brazil: Mauri, Agnes and Henry

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